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For those that remember, sashababy would have turned 58 today. Miss you, brat.

I may be so swamped that I might forget on the actual day, so I wanted to wish a happy birthday to ladypoetess -- it's been an honor and a privilege to know you these last years, DotBot.

5 years ago today, I moved to Montana to take on a new job...

In case there are some of you not following my (occasional) twitterstream, I want to note for the record that I believe I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

12ga slug round at 75feet, out my my dad's new -870 clone from China.

BOOM! Headshot.

(edit: too big on the first post, so I resized in HTML.)

Victoria is back and in good conition. I have to admit, I didn't realize I'd adjusted to her as much as I had.

So, it appears that Victoria, my faithful Macbook Pro of a couple of years, needs some tender loving care.

Yesterday, after running the battery completely into the ground, she refused to power back up. I suspected, at the time, that there was just something intermittent, and she'd return. After trying everything I could (reset of several different components, letting the battery recharge and discharge again, and a couple others) she was still no better. Calling Apple Support, they ran me through a couple of the recovery attempts as well... With the same results. So, tomorrow, Victoria goes into the shop to get the system board replaced.

This will be the second time this year that my Applecare purchase has paid for itself. Don't get me wrong -- Apple is great hardware, and I've gotten a lot of long and hard use out of it. But I also know how... heavily... I use my equipment... And the 10% extra I paid for that support plan leaves me with no regrets.

Amusing sidenote: on the phone with the Apple support rep, he asked if I'd like to set an appointment at the Genius bar at my nearest Apple store. "Thanks, man," I said, "but the closest Apple store to me is an 8 hour drive away. I'll take it to the Authorized Service Center down the street."

His only response? "Wow."

Yes, Virginia, we use Macs here in the boonies, too.

On another note, for feedle -- I was shopping at Albies today, and saw boysenberry flavored yogurt. My first thought? "Nice, but where's the jalapeno?"

Victoria, my macbook pro, just went catatonic on me this afternoon and won't power up. I'll be somewhat spotty, communication wise, for the next couple of days until I get her repaired.

I'm not certain what I can or should say about this weekend. However, something quite wonderful happened... And while I still have my own issues to deal with, I feel much more calm and hopeful than I have in a while in regards to certain things.

All: I will be travelling to San Francisco tomorrow through the weekend. Would love to catch up. Ping me if you don't have contact info.

So, Generic Superhero, one of his guys from 206, and I are stuck in Vegas an extra night, courtesy of Delta and their aircraft maintenance people. The hardware we were slated for had an issue, and I would have missed my connection window to Billings. I had a choice of staying overnight in Salt Lake, or staying overnight in Vegas.

Tough choice.

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